32nd Control – International trade fair
for quality assurance
24.–27. APRIL 2018 STUTTGART

10 Years of Control in Stuttgart – the Success Story Continues!

Control 2017 Headed for Full House with 538,000 Square Feet of Exhibition Floor Space

It’s been becoming apparent for months and now it’s firming up: the Control international trade fair for quality assurance is headed for record-breaking results at its 31st edition. It’s already foreseeable now that the new hall layout – due to the omission of hall 1 – with full occupation in halls 3, 5 and 7, as well as 4 and 6 (odd and even numbered rows), will lead to more than 538,000 square feet of overall exhibition floor space, and that the block-like arrangement will provide numerous advantages for the exhibitors and for visitor flow. “The new layout makes it possible to optimise floor space allocation for the exhibitors, and to better control the morning influx of expert visitors. Distributing the flow of visitors to the east and west entrances and omitting hall 1 results in shorter distances, and it’s now assured that all halls will be more or less equally frequented. We expect all of the five halls available for the event to be fully occupied, because we’re receiving new RFQs and further bookings every day”, reported project manager Gitta Schlaak in a recent statement.

Pure Quality Assurance on More than 538,000 Square Feet

On the occasion of the 31st Control, the annually held, globally recognised industry event will take place for the tenth time at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. Launched in 1987 at the Sindelfingen Exhibition Centre, the much discussed move to Stuttgart led to a rapid transformation – away from a transregional trade fair with Central European character to today’s undisputed, world’s leading trade fair with very high levels of internationalism on the part of the exhibitors, and above all the expert visitors. For example, the 914 exhibitors who participated at the event in 2016 came from 31 countries and the 26,809 expert visitors from 92 nations, so that the Control international trade fair for quality assurance has earned its title of world’s leading trade fair without restriction. Based on time-tested nomenclature which has been further developed over the years (in abbreviated form: measuring technology, materials
testing, analysis equipment, optoelectronics, QA systems and services), Control plays a very important role in the marketing mix of the exhibiting manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

World Class Product and Service Offerings

Not only do the steadily, rapidly growing fields of industrial image processing, vision systems, sensor technology and robot solutions have a sizable share in this development – especially in light of the fact that one of Control’s strengths is the representation the complete process sequence for quality assurance, which is automated to a very great extent today. And this in terms of hardware and software, as well as Industry 4.0 structures, because the components, modules, subsystems and complete solutions for industrial quality assurance presented at Control have not first become I 4.0 compatible in actual practice since all the hype about digitalisation, big data and networking – and the term “actual practice” can be understood in the same sense because the stand-alone and system solutions for QA exhibited at Control can be seamlessly incorporated into networked industry structures. Accompanied by a broad ranging supplementary programme for which, amongst others, loyal collaboration partners including the DGQ, the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, the Fraunhofer IPA, the Vision Academy and the emva are demonstrating their commitment, the 31st Control, which will be held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from 9 through 12 May 2017, also stands for high levels of efficiency, competence and know-how in the field of industrial quality assurance.