Chotest Technology Inc. Hall 9 - Stand 9207

  • Measuring instruments
    • Roughness profilometer
  • Measuring machines
    • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
    • Three-dimensional measuring machines
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • Interferometers

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Laser interferometer measurement system SJ6000
SJ6000 laser interferometer can measure straightness, perpendicularity, angle, flatness, parallelism and other geometric precision by combination with different prism modules. With the cooperation of the software, it can measure the dynamic characteristics of CNC machine tools, and analyze ...more

Flash(One-shoot) measuring machines
Based on visual measurement principle with precision image analysis algorithms, using double telecentric optical lens with high depth of field, VX3000 series of Flash Measuring Machines achieves fast dimensional measurement by one-key operation. In CNC mode, after placing workpiece on ...more