Baugh & Weedon Ltd Hall 7 - Stand 7406

  • Devices and machines for non-destructive testing
    • Apparatus for non-destructive testing
    • Magnetic field measurements
    • Hall effect thickness gauges
    • Testing agents for non-destructive testing by dye penetrant method
    • Testing agents for non-destructive testing by magnetic particle inspection
    • Ultrasonic probes
  • Measuring instruments
    • Thickness meters
  • Other apparatus, instruments etc.
    • Demagnetizing devices

Additional information

Collaboration of Baugh & Weedon and Springer New Tech. brings Terahertz NDT to the German market
It is rare for NDE to welcome a whole new inspection and measurement technology but, as Terahertz technology develops, Terahertz Inspection Systems are now being introduced and used in NDT as a cutting-edge inspection technique providing solutions to previously insoluble applications and ...more