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  • Measuring instruments
    • Flatness profilometers
    • Straightness measuring devices
    • Measuring instruments, optical
    • Surface inspection instruments
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • Linearity testing machines
    • Interferometers
    • Testing systems for quality assurance
  • QA Microsystem technology
    • Measuring and testing technology for microsystem technology
  • Other apparatus, instruments etc.
    • Alignment and sighting telescopes and autocollimators
  • Organisations / publishers / services
    • Calibration
    • Measurements on payment basis

Additional information

ELCOMAT vario N - Measurement of straightness – precise and fast
Electronic autocollimators are widely used in mechanical engineering to measure the straightness/parallelism of machine beds, to measure the pitch and yaw movements of machine axes and to determine the positional uncertainty of rotary and dividing tables. The new ELCOMAT® vario N series ...more

ELCOMAT 5000 - Proven Technology Meets Larger Measuring Range and 10x Higher Measuring Frequency
Electronic autocollimators are highly precise optical angle measurement instruments. They are used for the measurement of the most minuet angle variations as well as angle adjustments of mirrors and other optical components. This makes them ideal for angular position monitoring or ...more