Product novelty 24. April 2023

Efficiency because of dimensional measurement systems for Integrated Metrology Automation from API

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API RADIAN Laser Tracker for measuring complex geometries
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Contactless measurement with robots and API 3D measurement technology
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Dynamic 9D LADAR captures dimensional and surface geometry data
Automated Precision Europe GmbH (API) will present its current portfolio of technology-leading innovations of Dimensional Metrology Tools for Automation at the CONTROL 2023 trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, May 9-12. The seamless integration of portable metrology into automated production enables efficient manufacturing processes and quality assurance. In addition, the measurement systems can be used flexibly for off-line measurements in applications.

Fast, precise solutions to measurement tasks at booth 3503 in Hall 3
"Quality managers, production and project managers from the manufacturing industry are invited to API to gain an overview of these efficient, innovative 3D measurement systems for optimal production quality and performance." Jan-Hendrik Lott, General Manager of API Region EMEA gives a taste of the live demos of the systems in various applications.
API's innovative Dynamic 9D LADAR is a cutting-edge non-contact laser detection and ranging system that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data. It will be showcased at Control 2023 in hands-on mounted automated applications. The API team will additionally provide information on applications with the SmartTrack Sensor (STS) and the use of the RapidScan and the special software Robot Metrology Solution (RMS). In conjunction with the RADIAN Laser Tracker and Active Target (AT), a complete toolkit is available to verify the performance of industrial robots according to the ISO 9283 standard.
Radian Laser Trackers are synonymous with efficiency in metrology. Advantageous use of accessories such as the vProbe and iScan3D e.g. for measuring complex geometries, hidden points or largest parts is being supported by the attractive bundle prices.
XD Laser and Swivel Check support in the calibration of machines and equipment with a plus in precision and speed in the optimization of equipment perf