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High Speed Sensing @ 600kHz

There is a trend in industrial inspection systems towards the simultaneous acquisition of more information. Even faster cameras with an increasing number of pixels are only one part of the solution. Adding high speed illumination can make more of these powerful cameras.

xposure:camera is especially designed for high-speed inline-quality inspection. With in total 60 lines xposure camera is much more than a high-speed linescan camera. Each of the 60 lines can be read out individually. One line (monochrome) can be captured with 600kHz and three lines (RGB) with 200kHz. All 60 lines can be captured at frame rates up to 10kHz.

AIT’s fast LED strobing technology xposure:flash is the perfect complement to xposure:camera. The use of ultra-fast strobing can transform a single camera into a multispectral, multichannel and photometry acquisition system.


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