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The semiconductor industry demands maximum precision and reproducibility. Electronics are getting smaller, and so are their components. In fact, inspecting microcircuits, semiconductor wafers, and other electronics is challenging because even a small piece of debris can cause a malfunction.

The AltiSurf© range of products offers the right solution for many applications - from precise machine positioning to topography measurement and wafer inspection.

As the products are also mostly very delicate, the optical contact-free measuring systems AltiSurf offers great advantages.

The high precision of contactless AltiSurf range of products brings answers to keep up with the high rate of innovations and yet remain flexible for the necessary change. Mounted with line sensors, a measuring line replaces the traditional measuring point, the AltiSurf considerably speeds up all measurements.

Finally, the AltiSurf© range ensure to meet their strict standards and demand for full 100% automation ( pick up and placement, alignment, measurement and analysis).

The AltiSurf©530 Wafer comes as standard with: Vacuum chuck for up to 12” wafer ( blank or non-coated or coated), auto-alignment, automatic switch between probe and camera, automatized measurement and analysis.


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