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Uses of iQ-BASIS

iQ-BASIS along the process
iQ-BASIS along the process

In recent years, quality assurance has undergone rapid further development with the aim of producing as error-free as possible. Strategies, standards, international laws and relentless predatory competition enforce ever more consistent quality management. For a long time, all Q processes can only be mastered with a very Special Information Technology.
CAQ systems have gained worldwide recognition.

AHP has been developing iQ-BASIS CAQ system since 1984. Today, iQ BASIS accompanies the entire product creation process from design to delivery from the point of view of quality. But also the complaining-process, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the design, is completely mapped in iQ BASIS and thus closes the loop.
With our extensive experience in the complex subject of quality assurance, we have gained the recognition of large companies.

iQ-BASIS currently includes about 40 modules, which are closely connected wherever necessary.
The basic functions are shared. The Performance of iQ BASIS starts with quality design of a new product and ends with proof of quality of parts that may have been put into operation several years ago.
A first (not complete) overview is provided in the graphic. The modules are presented in detail in our own product descriptions (


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