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LTDVE2CH-20F - LED Strobe controller 2 channels, 20A/40A pulsed - 2A/4A continuous, fast version

Opto Engineering® LTDVE series of controllers can be configured via Ethernet or RS485.

With the Ethernet interface, you can configure the controller with either the Modbus/TCP slave protocol or the internal web browser. The second option allows for a very easy configuration of the controller using a common web browser to visually change the parameters and/or inspect the device status.

- Easily set the output current intensity of each connected illuminator in small steps (0.2mA, 4mA or 20mA depending on current range)
- Set the pulse duration and pulse delay of each illuminator in small steps as low as 1μs
- Control the connected illuminators with up to 2 synchronization inputs
- Control up to 2 synchronization outputs (e.g. up to 2 cameras)
- Write and save different configurations depending on your application

The LTDVE series can also be configured via the RS485 communication port interface that implements the Modbus/RTU slave protocol.

The configuration is stored in a non-volatile memory to maintain your settings even when the Ethernet or RS485 connection is removed.

Key benefits and features

- Compatible with most of the LED lighting solutions available
- Ethernet, RS485 interface
- Up to 2 independently controlled output channels
- Max output current up 40A pulsed/4A continuous
- Easy configuration
- Small, compact units with DIN rail mounting


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