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Thermographic cameras as life insurance for billion euro project

Thermographic cameras as life insurance for billion euro project
InfraTec infrared camera between the mirrors of the solar field

A thermographic automation solution from InfraTec supports the monitoring of one of the world's largest solar tower power plants in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

Recently, the CSP solar tower power plant "Cerro Dominador" was put into operation in the coastal desert of Atacama in Chile. This enables the continuous production of electrical energy. It comprises a 252-metre-high concrete tower with a cylindrical 360° solar receiver consisting of 16 panels surrounded by 10,600 movable mirrors. The absorber panels of the solar tower receiver can heat up to 800 °C and are monitored fully automatically around the clock by eight infrared cameras of the VarioCAM® HD series, which form the backbone of InfraTec's Solar Power Tower Check (SPTC) automation solution. The permanent thermographic temperature monitoring serves as life insurance for the billion-dollar project: Disastrous damage caused by overheating, for example, is reliably avoided. The measurement of the panel temperatures enables the analysis of energy efficiency and supports the setting of optimal operating parameters for power generation. The goal is to achieve the most homogeneous temperature distribution possible over the entire surface.

Despite extreme ambient conditions and the large distance (340m) to the targeted object, the SPTC system delivers pixel-precise measurement results. This is made possible, among other things, by an infrared telephoto lens specially developed for this application, which, adapted to the general conditions, enables an exact temperature measurement even with strongly fluctuating ambient conditions.

The optic images the receiver in full format, which protects the camera detector from direct irradiation by the sun. This technology is supported by specially configured SPTC software, which allows the evaluation of the measurement data and supports all operating regimes of the solar tower power plant.


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