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Inline Computational Imaging enables simultaneous 2D & 3D Imaging

Inline Computational Imaging (ICI) is a new technology for high resolution and high speed 2D and 3D inspection. It is a novel single sensor technology which combines the advantages of light field imaging and photometric stereo into one compact solution. It works largely independant of the surface properties of the inspected objects and delivers optimized color images and detailed 3D depth models in real time. This allows details to be inspected that were previously not detectable.

It can best demosntrate its strength when highest accuracy and speed requirements coincide with the inspection of complex geometries and challenging surface properties, such as electronic parts like PCBs, metallic surfaces and packaging and security printing.

Until recently, ICI was limited to the inspection of macroscopic features larger than 15 µm/px. The latest development of this technology allows its use for in-line 3D microscopy and enables resolutions of 4 µm in all three dimensions.


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Systems and apparatus for image processing


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