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HDR function of the high-end camera series ImageIR®

HDR function of the high-end camera series ImageIR®
Precise and Rich in Contrast

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) function of the infrared ImageIR® camera series enables measurement scenarios with extremely different temperatures to be recorded continuously. When recording in HDR mode, multiple thermograms with different integration times and different filters are recorded quickly in succession and compiled into an overall image with a high dynamic range. Users obtain high-contrast images in a wide temperature range characterised by high measurement accuracy.

HDR Mode at a Glance:
- Fast rotating filter wheel with up to six positions ensuring maximum flexibility for demanding measurement tasks
- After selecting a HDR calibration range automatically the filter wheel will start and the thermogram will be compiled
- Measuring range with a span of up to 1,500 K available
- Full-frame images with (640 × 512) IR pixels and a temporal resolution of up to 350 Hz (ImageIR® 8300 hp)


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