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Thermographic Cameras Help to Contain the Corona Pandemic

Thermographic Cameras Help to Contain the Corona Pandemic
Contactless detection of elevated body temperature with an infrared camera from InfraTec

The pandemic triggered by the coronavirus currently poses enormous challenges to public life and health care systems worldwide. A significant contribution to containing the rapid spread of the virus is the interruption of infection chains. In addition to the precautionary measures known in this field, the detection of infected people can be a contributory factor. Certainly, thermographic cameras can neither detect the virus itself nor a person carrying the virus! However, these cameras enable the precise non-reactive, contactless and planar recording of surface temperatures while using the technical temperature measurement technology known as thermography. Hence, they are highly suitable for the quick and easy detection of elevated body temperatures, which can be an indication of a possible virus infection of the people subjected to screening. Such indications must, of course, always be followed by other examination methods that allow a reliable positive or negative statement about the disease and to initiate appropriate actions!

The thermographic temperature measurement for detection of elevated body temperature puts high demands on suitable thermographic cameras. The very stable and highly accurate digital VarioCAM® HD series thermographic cameras from InfraTec are based on thermally and geometrically high-resolution microbolometer FPA detectors with up to (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. They deliver brilliant 16-bit thermographic images in realtime and are therefore ideally suited as instruments for detection of elevated body temperature. Large external displays can easily be connected to the cameras via HDMI interface to visualise the high-resolution thermal images. The comprehensive range of accessories, interchangeable lenses for adaptation to local requirements, optional PC or laptop connection, the special software package THERMAL-CHECK with various functionalities as well as expert advice from experienced InfraTec engineers complete the range of services.


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