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QSelect - Digital, multimodal, speech-assisted defect marking directly on a workpiece

Quality assurance is an important part of today's production processes, which often still cannot be fully automated. Many companies therefore still rely on manual testing by experienced employees. For quality assurance, there are often only a few seconds per component. Since the documentation effort is high depending on the software used, in such situations there is inaccurate or even incomplete documentation of the existing errors.
This system developed by Fraunhofer IOSB and extended in cooperation with Fraunhofer IAIS to become a multimodal dialogue assistant (MuDA) enables completely digital error documentation in production from marking to repair in a very short amount of time. Users can choose between intuitive pointing gestures and a laser pointer as the input method and mark defects on a component quickly, precisely and intuitively. The pointing gesture and thus the location of the fault location are captured by a cheap camera unit, which is attached above the component to be tested. A projector shows the worker the documented errors directly via a projected marking on the component. Metadata, such as the type of a marked error, are entered via a projected menu or via a speech / dialog system. In the repair phase, this error marking can be precisely reproduced by the digital projection at another station and projected onto the component. As a result, the error in manual rework is quickly found. The completion of the repair can also be confirmed directly on the component and noted in the system without much effort. The repair can also be documented using encrypted video recordings. The video documentation solution 4Crypt, also developed at Fraunhofer IOSB, is used for this.


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