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The roughness and contour measuring machines W800 and W900 measure your workpieces even faster and more precisely:
The new generation of roughness and contour measuring machines Waveline W800 and W900 were designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements for flexible, precise and fast measuring processes. In addition, all measuring stations are modularly configurable and can be easily expanded later.

High-quality measuring instruments guarantee form and roughness measurement in accordance with standards:
The high-quality form measuring instruments check roundness, spin, form and roughness of your workpieces. Depending on the measuring task, we offer you the appropriate form measuring instruments. Due to the largely automated measuring process they prevent operator influences and save time, costs and resources.

Optical surface inspection:
The optical surface inspection from Jenoptik offers you 100% quality control for the production of workpieces of a consistently high quality. The Visionline inspection systems are especially suitable for bore hole inner surfaces. They convince with their 360° all-round vision optics. In this automatic process, a CMOS sensor scans the inner surface of the bore without gaps and delivers high-resolution, high-contrast images. This allows you to detect surface defects such as blowholes, porosity and scratches during production. To ensure that the system meets your requirements in the best possible way, we offer you different versions.

Optical shaft metrology:
The new generation of optical measurement systems from Jenoptik relieves you of the burden of quality control during production. The measuring systems of the Opticline product family have been setting standards in optical wave measurement technology for years. They convince with their high measuring speed, precision and optimum ease of use. With our systems you will succeed in efficient and transparent quality assurance during production.


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