ADDITIVE Soft- und Hardware
für Technik und Wissenschaft


ADDITIVE Soft- und Hardware
für Technik und Wissenschaft
Max-Planck-Str. 22b
61381 Friedrichsdorf

+49 6172 5905-0

+49 6172 77613

Product overview

Measuring instruments
  • Temperature measuring device, noncontact

Other apparatus, instruments etc.
  • Data loggers
  • PC measuring technology

Software for computer aided quality assurance
  • Software for evaluation and analysis
  • FMEA systems
  • Software supported data acquisition and control
  • Mobile data entry
  • Process visualization and machine monitoring
  • Measurement system capability
  • QFD systems, Quality Function Deployment
  • Graphical editing of measuring device data
  • SPC systems
  • Statistical analysis
  • Statistical experiment planning
  • BPM - Business Process Management
  • Workflow management

Organisations / publishers / services
  • CAE-Aided Computer Engineering
  • Six Sigma

New products

Minitab 18 - The powerful statistical software easy to understand

With Minitab® 18 Minitab Inc. and ADDITIVE release the new version of the statistical software used worldwide in quality improvement and statistical education.

Minitab 18 contains new tools for even more efficient data analyses.
The improved assistent leads users to the right analysis and show results that provide users with more profound insight into their processes.

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