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Quality Vision International
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14621 Rochester, New York

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Product overview

Measuring instruments
  • Distance measurement, non-contact
  • Digital measuring and indicator devices
  • Digital measuring cameras
  • Diameter measuring systems
  • Precision measuring instruments
  • Edge distance measuring devices
  • Components for multipoint measuring systems and equipment
  • Coordinate measuring and multi coordinate measuring devices
  • Length measurement, non-contact
  • Measuring instruments, general
  • Measuring instruments, mechanical
  • Measuring instruments, optical

Measuring machines
  • Probing accessories 3D, probe pins, probe heads, reference spheres, threaded inserts
  • Numerical control for coordinate measuring machines
  • Three-dimensional measuring machines
  • Coordinate and multiple coordinate inspection machines
  • Multipoint measuring machines
  • Measuring machines, general
  • Measuring machines for roundness and linearity measurement
  • Measuring machines for toothed gear wheel measurement
  • Measuring machines, mechanical
  • Measuring machines, optical
  • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
  • Production measuring machines
  • Programming systems for CNC machines
  • Calculate systems for coordinate measuring machines
  • Simulation and off-line-programming of coordinate measurement machines

Special purpose measuring equipment
  • Integrated measuring equipment
  • Test installations for quality control

Components for measuring and testing equipment
  • Built-in and attachable optics
  • Automation elements for measuring and control procedures

QA Microsystem technology
  • Inspection and measuring devices for individual production stages
  • Measuring and testing technology for microsystem technology
  • Process monitoring for small and micro parts production

Systems and apparatus for image processing
  • Vision systems

Software for computer aided quality assurance
  • Software for evaluation and analysis
  • Process visualization and machine monitoring
  • Measurement system capability
  • Measuring equipment testing and equipment administration
  • Test planning, test realisation and test data evaluation
  • Computer aided quality assurance, general
  • Graphical editing of measuring device data
  • SPC systems
  • Statistical analysis
  • Control systems for incoming and outgoing goods

Organisations / publishers / services
  • Quality assurance certificate
  • Training for coordinate measuring techn., quality assurance, non-destructive testing