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Product overview

Linear and angular measurement
  • Measuring tools, precision measuring tools

Measuring instruments
  • Digital measuring and indicator devices
  • Flatness profilometers
  • Geometric measuring instruments (roundness and linearity)
  • Straightness measuring devices
  • Measuring instruments, general
  • Measuring instruments, mechanical
  • Measuring instruments, optical
  • Gauges for testing the accuracy of measuring equipment
  • Measuring microscopes
  • Surface inspection instruments
  • Roughness profilometer

Measuring machines
  • Measuring machines, general
  • Measuring machines for roundness and linearity measurement
  • Measuring machines, mechanical
  • Measuring machines, optical
  • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
  • Measuring machines, mobile

Special purpose measuring equipment
  • General-purpose microscopes
  • Concentricity gauges

Software for computer aided quality assurance
  • Software for evaluation and analysis
  • Graphical editing of measuring device data

Material testing apparatus
  • Form testing devices

Organisations / publishers / services
  • Measurements on payment basis

New products

New SURFCOM TOUCH series of surface measuring instruments for production and measuring rooms

Five models for various measuring tasks with a standardised evaluation unit.

The portable SURFCOM TOUCH 35/40/45 systems are ideal for measuring tasks in production environments.
The compact model 50 is designed for shop floor and measuring rooms. Specifications: Resolution up to 0.0001 µm, max. Z measuring range up to 2,000 µm, X axis guide accuracy of 0.3 µm with a measuring length of up to 50 mm.
SURFCOM TOUCH 550: semi-automatic measuring system with automatically controlled Z and X axis.


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