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Product overview

Measuring machines
  • Measuring device construction

Special purpose measuring equipment
  • Special purpose measuring devices, general

Components for measuring and testing equipment
  • Components for measuring and testing equipment, general
  • Measuring machine accessories for part fixation

Other apparatus, instruments etc.
  • Equipment for micro-inspection rooms, general
  • Clamping and loading systems

Product Innovations

pintec - modular clamping system – Fix your workpieces in seconds!

With our modular clamping system pintec you can fix fast and easily difficult shaped workpieces in the metrology room. If you work with a small number of pieces, prototypes or small series, pintec is exactly the right thing.
With pintec we have the practical and flexible solution for the user in the metrology room, who again and again has the task, to measure quickly a difficult formed workpiece. Very often it is not profitable, to build a special fixture for small series, anyway the workpiece must be fixed for coordinate or optical metrology and must be brought in a secure and special position.
The easy, fast, professional and effective solution in this case is pintec.
Construction and handling of pintec are very easy and so the fixation of difficult and complex formed workpieces is in the future no problem anymore.
Pintec is also successfully used in the fields of laser-and needle-engraving.
Meantime a lot of well-known companies work successfully with our modular clamping system pintec.
Find out for yourself and visit us in hall 5 booth 5407 at the Control 2021.
We look forward to your visit!

pintec -  modular clamping system – Fix your workpieces in seconds!
pintec modular clamping system in use

Product group:

Special purpose measuring equipment


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