ADDITIVE Soft- und Hardware
für Technik und Wissenschaft

Exhibition hall 8 – Booth 8406

Product overview

Apparatus for determination of other physical quantities
  • Temperature measuring equipment

Other apparatus, instruments etc.
  • PC measuring technology

Software for computer aided quality assurance
  • Software for evaluation and analysis
  • FMEA systems
  • Mobile data entry
  • Process visualization and machine monitoring
  • Measurement system capability
  • QFD systems, Quality Function Deployment
  • Graphical editing of measuring device data
  • SPC systems
  • Statistical analysis
  • Statistical experiment planning
  • BPM - Business Process Management

Organisations / publishers / services
  • CAE-Aided Computer Engineering
  • Six Sigma

Product Innovations

Mintab Workspace – The comprehensive project management solution for quality improvement processes

Minitab Workspace™ is the ultimate toolkit to visualize, optimize and map business processes better than ever before. Minitab Workspace is the dynamic project management solution, which combines the essential software tools of a quality improvement process in an integrated and customizable software environment. It has been specifically designed to enable the planning, organization, implementation, and reporting tasks of general development, quality improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma projects. The new release now provides a bi-directional interface between Minitab Statistical Software and Minitab Workspace.

Product group:

Software for computer aided quality assurance


Mr. Daniel Fügner

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