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Product overview

Special purpose measuring equipment
  • Positioning controls
  • Air bearing rotary tables

Components for measuring and testing equipment
  • Automation elements for measuring and control procedures

Other apparatus, instruments etc.
  • Test bench measuring technology

Product Innovations

Automation1 brings a new momentum to motion control and positioning systems

Automation1 brings a new momentum to motion control and positioning systems

Controlling movement components with high precision has been a core competence for decades. Aerotech solutions and systems are used in industry, in research institutions or in measurement technology, wherever something in the micro and nanometre range needs to be positioned with repeatable accuracy. With Automation1, the next control generation has now arrived after the AS3200. Anyone who uses an optimised control platform reduces the non-value added development effort and can sometimes supply their customers faster. Aerotech revolutionises precision motion and machine control with the “Automation1 Control Platform”. It functions as a complete machine control system with all components and thus offers significantly more than just “motion control”. Equipped with a new software-based motion controller, servo and stepper motors, galvo scan heads, piezoelectric actuators and various other devices can be controlled directly. The individual axes are connected via the HyperWire bus, the most powerful communication bus in the motion control industry.

According to Aerotech, the new Automation1 platform supports today's growth markets for precision machinery and motion control, and is particularly well-suited for automation systems, precision laser processes, test and inspection processes, and other applications where process control is closely linked to motion control. Thus, the new control and drive development offers even greater optimisation potential for faster motion and settling times, better position stability and increased contour accuracy. It is thus the first motion control development environment that simultaneously puts years of user experience with the latest technology for precise and fast motion sequences into the forefront of product design.

Automation1 brings a new momentum to motion control and positioning systems
The Automation1 hardware has a built-in digital and analogue I/O

Product group:

Other apparatus, instruments etc.


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