Control-Virtual 2021: Trade Fair 24/7

As the showroom of the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, Control-Virtual has established itself as a digital marketplace. As the promoters of the event, P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG offer exhibitors and expert visitors an excellent opportunity for communicating current issues covering all aspects of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, in a professionally appropriate manner via this online platform thanks to integrated tools for a direct exchange.

Although the 34th Control international trade fair for quality assurance can’t take place as planned as on-site event from 4 to 7 May 2021 due to the pandemic, exhibitors, expert visitors and other interested parties will remain in close contact with a continuous exchange of information covering all aspects of industrial quality assurance (QA) via the digital showrooms. New products and solutions from the fields of measuring and test technology, as well as vision technology, image processing, sensor technology and services are available worldwide in a structured setting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any desired information covering the trade fair’s nomenclature can be selected thanks to the thematically focused search engine.

Direct Link to Exhibitor’s Live Events

Two effective tools for linking up QA exhibitors to the international expert audience make the platform an ideal marketplace which can be used by all involved parties – all year long 24/7. Control-Virtual’s webcast function is topic-specific and visitor-friendly: exhibitors enter the dates of their live presentations directly. These are then available to interested experts as a link and/or as a PDF file for download for the webcast itself, as well as in case of missed dates. Exhibitors can link their planned live events and thus make reference to live presentations on other platforms. The problem-solving tool is also user-friendly and effective: as soon as a search is started via the product groups, the “Request Individualised Solution” button appears under the hit list. The user can enter a title and a brief description here, which initiates business contact and a direct exchange between the interested party and the supplier.

Virtual Technology Meeting Place for Control Visitors

Exhibitors are greeting the Control-Virtual online platform as an important and useful tool because it allows them to reach their target group and maintain professional communication within the community. “Control-Virtual isn’t a substitute for the trade fair, but it has fully established itself amongst our exhibitors. Especially now that the QA sector has to get along without Control as the world’s leading trade fair in its on-site format for the second time in a row, the virtual trade fair is an effective and uncomplicated way for exhibitors and expert visitors to interact directly. The latest QA solutions are clearly presented in the showrooms. Thanks to the ‘Request Individualised Solution’ function which serves as a match-up tool, participants can take an in-depth look at new solution options,” explains Control project manager Fabian Krüger.

Next Level Quality Assurance – Up-to-Date Industrial QA

As the world’s most important technical event covering all of the issues associated with measuring and test technology, as well as vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, Control is an indispensable trade fair for many companies from all industry sectors because it presents everything they need for industrial QA. The trade fair is seen as a driving force for technical and economically-oriented developments in the fields of industrial metrology, materials testing, analysis equipment and optoelectronics, as well as complete intelligent QA systems along with comprehensive services. In the field of industrial manufacturing, it’s now more important than ever to assure the quality and reliability of products and production processes. Thanks to Control-Virtual, interested parties can network, gather information and inspire themselves in order to efficiently identify approaches to current QA challenges in industrial manufacturing.