It Doesn’t Get Any More Digital than This

Control Trade Fair Presents Quality Assurance per I 4.0 Standard

The control international trade fair for quality assurance portrays the world of quality assurance in hardware and software. QA has blossomed into a key digital task and in the meantime is functioning as a trailblazer and driving force for Industry 4.0 projects. Experience it at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 24th through the 27th of April, 2018.

The euphoria surrounding Industry 4.0 is now being followed up with analytical procedures and sustainable standards – amongst other things thanks to the intrinsic digital nature of quality assurance. It’s wallflower existence has evolved into a central key function in companies with manufacturing and assembly operations. This year’s Control will once again demonstrate that productivity and economy are based to an essential extent on effective and consistent quality assurance – from the receiving dock right on up to the shipment of finished goods. Today, manufacturing processes are controlled to a lesser degree by characteristic economic figures and more and more by QA data. Thanks to finer and more meaningful data evaluation, profitable products with reproducible quality are being produced for both one-time-only and repetitive orders – despite a manufacturing lot quantity of 1.


Industry 4.0: Long Since Reality in Quality Assurance!

Seen in this light, industrial quality assurance is a precursor of Industry 4.0, which for some time now has been reflected in the range of products and services covered by the Control international trade fair for quality assurance. Nearly 900 exhibitors from more than 30 countries will gather at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre for the 32nd edition of the world’s leading trade fair. The portfolio includes tried and tested mechanical and mechatronic measuring and test instruments, supplemented with electronic CNC coordinate measuring systems and automated analysis equipment. 3D measuring technology based on optics and optoelectronics has been added over the years. Industrial image processing and vision systems have been a recent trend, because they can be implemented into I 4.0 processes in an uncomplicated manner. They continue to evolve rapidly, so that the corresponding components, modules and complete systems are occupying more space in Stuttgart than ever before.


Despite Rapid Development: Control Portrays the Current Market

Only consistently networked processes and sequences can be reliably operated, controlled, monitored and adapted to the current situation and actual needs in a fully automated fashion. Real-time optimisation of production processes is only as good as the utilised knowledge and technology-based evaluation, interpretation and reprogramming of processes and sequences. In this regard, the products, modules, subsystems and complete systems presented at Control as hardware and software solutions for industrial quality assurance are indisputably amongst the forerunners. Digitalisation of all process functions in manufacturing and assembly, and in particular the accompanying intra-logistics sequences, must be viewed as an essential prerequisite for the implementation of the factory of the future.