Quality Assurance with Scientific Support

Control Trade Fair Presents New Knowledge and its Application in Actual QA Practice

The world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance is on the starting line and the 32nd QA industry meet, being held in Stuttgart from the 24th through 27th of April, is on course for rising expansion with significantly more floor space and already as many exhibitors as last year, and a trend towards even more growth.

Industrial manufacturing is subject to continuous change. Demands placed upon the levels of quality to be attained in production are becoming stricter and stricter – not only for visible areas of the respective products, but rather at the micro and nano levels as well. New technologies and optimisation in the fields of measuring technology and image processing will be necessary in order to do justice to more and more demanding requirements for quality and individuality, as well as rising price pressure.

Fraunhofer Vision Alliance on Hand for the 14th Time

The special show on “Contactless Measuring Technology”, which will be held already for the 14th time as a collaboration between the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance and P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, will present the latest developments and forward-looking technologies in the field of contactless measuring and test technology. A broad range of innovative, contactless technologies will be exhibited, for example light section techniques, band projection, white light interferometry, holography, confocal measuring processes, time-of-flight and much more. In addition to this, measuring and test technologies which are becoming more and more important for examining materials on the inside will also be presented, such as thermography and X-ray. With its specialised offerings, this special show has established itself in recent years as a marketplace for innovations amongst exhibitors and trade fair visitors alike, and will take place at a central location on 3500 square feet of floor space at booth 6406 in hall 6.

Science and Actual Practice – Ideally Intermeshed

Another Fraunhofer Institute will present the latest scientific findings for use in actual practice at the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance. Already for the 11th time, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) is inviting trade fair visitors to the Event Forum at booth 6110 in hall 6 where it will present new, forward-looking technologies and make them demonstrably tangible – live on-site. The Event Forum in 2018 will address the issue of “Sustainability through Smart Quality Control – from Product Design to Recycling” as a thematic focal point. A varied presentation program will make it possible for expert visitors to gather in-depth, comprehensive information concerning this topic. Attention will be focused on current developments in the field of smart quality control and its contribution to sustainability – beginning with product design and initial prototypes, as well as production and use of the product, right on up to recycling. Speakers from industry and research will also present exhibits at the Event Forum booth which are specifically related to their talks. This will promote a direct transfer from theory to actual practice.

In order to ensure optimum intermeshing of theory and practice, trade fair promoters P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG will not only showcase worldwide offerings for quality assurance on even more floor space once again – an especially user-friendly, clear-cut breakdown of the exhibition spectrum into blocks will be implemented as well. And thus measuring technology, materials testing, analysis equipment, optoelectronics, QA systems and service are arranged directly in the sequence required for actual industrial practice.