Control 2019 World’s Leading Trade Fair for QA Systems

World’s Leading Trade Fair for QA Systems – the Industry Sector’s Most Important Event

Not Only the Exhibitors are Counting on Control 2019

“Control is the leading trade fair and it’s a highlight to be here each and every year,” says an exhibitor when asked about the importance of Control for her Company. And she’s not alone with this opinion: The Control international trade fair for quality assurance is highly esteemed by exhibitors and expert visitors, and it’s always very well booked and visited.


Presentation Platform for Prototypes as well as Marketable Products

Exhibitors take advantage of the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance in order to present their new products to a broad-based audience. Initial prototypes are showcased here as trend indicators, as well as marketable, time-tested measuring technology which is refined to an ever greater extent each year. From optical measuring technology with augmented reality features and 100% monitoring of collaborative systems, right on up to the latest computer tomographs and tactile sensors, and above all industrial image processing – Control exhibits everything the users need.

A trend which is becoming plainly apparent is the ever closer intermeshing of quality assurance and production. Today, testing is conducted inline without losing any time. Manufacturers of measuring and test technology are tooling up for this trend as well: modular applications which are integrated into the shop floor are being used more and more frequently than separate, isolated test benches. Today’s QA systems are incorporated into production and must be capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions for this reason, and at the same time they must be able to process data rapidly. This is where industrial image processing comes in, on which the leading trade fair places great importance.


Control is a Must for Exhibitors and Users

The offerings presented at this Schall trade fair appear to provide both users and exhibiting companies with added value, because exhibitors at the global quality event unanimously rate the industry meet as “important”, “very important” and “of great significance”. Amongst other things, they place considerable value on the fact that an overview of the latest developments in the field of measuring and test technology can be gained here in a compact format within a short period of time. And thus Control is in a league of its own, because most exhibitors assess the trade fair as number one throughout the world as a trade fair covering all aspects of the key issue of quality assurance.  The practicality of the exhibited modules and complete systems is a prerequisite for initiating dialogues with potential customers, generating interest, solving problems and finally landing orders. “This is one of the criteria which is essential for us when we compile the offerings and allocate presentation floor space,” says project manager Fabian Krüger.

The upcoming Control international trade fair for quality assurance will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 7th through the 10th of May, 2019.