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D7 Interferometer

D7 Interferometer
D7 Interferometer

nortus Optronic GmbH presents the new D7 Interferometer with an accuracy better than Lambda/1000 (< 0.6 nm)

Interferometry is the first optical metrology method when obtaining the surface map with high precision. Our D7 is a breakthrough innovation in interferometric measurements. A compact, user-friendly, reliable interferometer with accuracy greatly advancing the state-of-the-arts.

The D7 Interferometer, being the flagship of accuracy on interferometry market is an instrument which measures
the form of optical surfaces and wavefronts. D7 is a standalone hardware that comes along with a fringe patterns processing software, DifroMetric.

D7 is phase shifting common path point diffraction interferometer (PSPDI). While the common Fizeau interferometers require reference optics, generating additional errors and masking surface details, D7 produces perfect reference – wavefront diffracted from a pinhole (sub-wavelength aperture in a thin metal film). D7 technology is patent pending in Europe and the USA.


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