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EDCi – the product family and functionality grow further

EDCi72 - dynamic controller as desk top unit with keys an display
EDCi72 - dynamic controller as desk top unit with keys an display

Maximum Performance for static and dynamic testers

For many years, the electronic enterprise DOLI Elektronik GmbH registered in Münsingen and Munich has been selling high-quality digital measurement and control electronics to the material tesing industry and to instrument manufacturers.
Recently, DOLI expanded the latest controller generation EDCi by new appliances and functions, focusing on special functions and operator convenience.
The control frequency can be changed in 100μs steps up to 10 kHz for all channels. DOLI uses high-precise 24 Bit A/D-converters, resulting in a measurement resolution of ± 10.000.000 steps. Hence the product is unique compared to the competitors.
Using the iSI expansion modules, the controllers can be adapted to fulfill the demands of each kind of tester and with the new remote unit RMCi8 with its high-resolution LCD touch display, customers have one further appliance to operate his tester.
As a new highlight, we developed two digital controllers for special purposes – the EDCi10 for simple load- and position control and the EDCi15 for creep tests.
The redesigned API interface DoPE offers the user the possibility to create individual customer-specific software. The new DoPE version now is available for LINUX® systems, also.
The new testing software Test&MotionPlus not only meets the higher requirements of the electronics, it is way more user-friendly. The user can access a high variety of pre-defined standard test courses with just a few clicks. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to create individual test courses, queries, loops aso. The results will be displayed in real-time as graph or lists. Data export to ASCII or EXCEL are obligatory and communication with data bases is possible, also.
With its new extensions, the EDCi series turns out to be a more powerful and user-friendly measurement and control electronics, that facilitates the changeover for the user tremendously by offering the proven functions of t


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