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MedTech - Implant Measuring Machine

This innovative measuring device enables a complete quality control and quality data analysis of hip implants to ensure dimensional parts accuracy of both, the inner cone and the outer cone of the hip implant.

Multi-sensor technology:
- Air gauge to detect dimensional accuracy, angle, straightness and roundness of the inner cone
- Tactile probe to measure dimensional accuracy, angle, straightness and roundness of the outer cone
- Manual bench top machine
- Barecode reader for job selection

Your advantages:
- Up to 0.2µm repeatability possible
- Easy to use VARIOsoft
- Data measurement and visualization
- Integrated data statistics
- Simple test plan creation feature
- Fully integrated documentation management system
- Q-DAS interface
- Integrated calibration process
- Modular technology easy change over for different product families
- User concept with different authorization levels secured with fingerprint


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Measuring machines


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