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Small data logger for numerous measurement tasks

The data logger ALMEMO® 204 is a compact all-rounder for numerous measuring tasks. The special features are 4 measuring inputs for digital sensors, which can be extended to up to 40 measuring channels, depending on the connected sensor. For this purpose there are multifunctional sensors, e.g. for measuring relative humidity with simultaneous measurement of temperature and air pressure. Unused channels can be expanded as function channels, so that in the case mentioned the absolute humidity is also recorded as a display value. With the intelligent ALMEMO® connectors, the data logger becomes an absolute multi-talent. The D7 connector for any digital sensors works with a fully digital interface to the measuring device and offers up to 10 function channels. Since the connectors contain their own processor, the sensors work in parallel with their sensor-specific measuring rate and achieve a high speed for dynamic measurements in the query. The digital interface to the device offers high security for the transmission of the measurement data. Individual parameters of the sensors are additionally stored in the connector, freely selectable comments can be stored. ALMEMO® 204 can be used in an extremely versatile and flexible way, e.g. for monitoring indoor climate (°C, % r.h., CO2, m/s), measuring lighting and UV exposure (Lux, UVE index), mobile measurement in ventilation systems (m/s, °C, % r.h.), weather station with meteo-multigeber and radiation sensors (m/s, wind direction, °C, % r.h., mbar, global radiation, UV radiation, UVE index precipitation), monitoring of temperatures at test stands (also contactless), mobile control measurement in heating furnaces and climatic chambers (°C, % r.h., dew point, absolute humidity), measurement of process water and waste water in industry (pH, redox, conductivity, °C), control measurement in compressed air systems with measurement up to 500 measurements/s (dew point, residual humidity), measurement of DC voltage signals, etc.


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