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Ready-to-use Analyzer Workflow solutions

Leica LIBS offers a 2-in-1 solution for rapid, precise material analysis.
Leica LIBS offers a 2-in-1 solution for rapid, precise material analysis.

The new Analyzer Workflow solutions from Leica make daily work simpler and more efficient. With these solutions users will be prepared for future requirements in quality control. They provide a complete system that exactly meets customer's requirements and offers optimum overall performance.

Uers can look forward to a very high level of performance that provides accurate, reliable and fast results. With the Analyzer Workflow solutions, everything is digitalized and the high degree of automation guarantees an efficient and fast operation. All analyzers are tailored to a special workflow so they focus on specific tasks. The analyzers all come with a microscope, a digital camera, a PC and training and they’re ready to use right away.

Above all, constant miniaturization, higher power densities and safety-related electronic components and systems pose new challenges for quality control, especially when it comes to cleanliness analysis. It is no longer sufficient simply to determine the size of a particle: it is now becoming increasingly important to be able to analyse the type of material the particles are made of, as this has a decisive influence on the damage potential. In addition, quality control is becoming more and more time-critical, and cleanliness analysis should preferably be integrated into daily routine. Our tailor-made technical cleanliness analyzers address these challenges by allowing the user to select measurement rules and then quickly and accurately analyze them. In addition to optical analysis, the customer often needs a chemical analysis: this is usually very complex and can often only be carried out by experts. The LIBS system (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) provides the right technology to be able to carry out a quick, reliable analysis of metallic alloys and inorganic compounds so as to be able to respond appropriately. LIBS module contains a laser and a spectrometer unit and can be integrated as an extension into a DM6 microscope.


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