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GelSight Mobile™ • The Surface Measurement System, that makes "the felt" visible!

The GelSight Mobile ™ is a tactile-optical measuring device which is excellent for displaying surface structures or for detecting and measuring of surface defects such as scratches. With this technology, an elastomer is pressed onto the surface. The "deformation" of a reference pattern on its back is optically recorded using image processing algorithms. The principle is roughly comparable to how "blind people see" by "creating an image" of the surface with their fingertips.

The resolution of 1 µm is phenomenal. The measuring principle can be used for any type of surface (glossy / matt; smooth / rough; white / black). Areas of application are, incoming goods inspection, checking the evenness of rivets or dents on turbine blades, in the automotive industry assessing scratches in the paint, weaving structures of textiles or the texture of leather, or for forensics.

Optionally, the measurement data can also be exported to other software routines (e.g. MountainsMap® from DigitalSurf) in order to carry out extensive analyzes.
This means that not only dimensional measurements, but also surface parameters (e.g. roughness) can be determined.


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