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Leak test of large and small volume containers in the production process

A large number of large-volume containers must be tested for leaks
A large number of large-volume containers must be tested for leaks

In the packaging industry, plastic containers are used for the storage and transport of liquid media. These include bottles, canisters, drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), which cover a volume range from approx. 0.5 l to 1,200 l. Ideally, these have to be tested for leaks in the cycle of the production process. Compressed air is often used for this purpose.
There are various challenges here: The containers expand when pressure is applied. The filling of large-volume products requires special solutions so that the filling process is not too long. The testing process can be influenced by the upstream blow moulding process due to temperature effects.
The leak tester CETATEST 715 LV (Large Volume) was especially developed for the packaging industry. The complete test procedure is controlled by the test device. The option turbo-filling allows the automatic filling to the test pressure. Integrated protection circuits protect the test part and the internal sensors. In order to achieve a stable measuring state, the expansion behaviour must be limited. For example, IBCs are tested in the transport grid box and additional hold-down devices are used. Temperature effects can be compensated by switching over to accordingly parameterised test programs. The test pressures are between 25 mbar and 160 mbar depending on the product. With the CETATEST 715 LV the leak test of a 1,000 l IBC can be performed in less than 30 s. Depending on the test part volume, holes with a size of 0.07 mm to 1 mm can be detected reliably.
Due to a multitude of available interfaces the test device is prepared for industry 4.0 requirements. The measured value transmission enables traceability and evaluation of the production quality.
The CETATEST 715 LV is delivered with an internationally recognized calibration certificate (in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) and a 3 years warranty.


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