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Highly precise colour control in the manufacturing process

Spectrophotometer sph ipm
Spectrophotometer sph ipm

A permanent monitoring process is essential to reduce the reject rate and downtime in production. ColorLite has developed the perfect solution for this: The compact, high-performance sph ipm spectrophotometer for 100 % colour control. Due to the high measurement accuracy and stability, complex laboratory analyzes can be omitted.

If the system detects a colour deviation outside the specified tolerance, the information is immediately forwarded to the process control system. Production stops immediately and a traffic light system shows the error optically. Communication to the process control system takes place via interfaces that are adapted according to customer-specific requirements.
The sph ipm is equipped with a 7 “touchscreen and colour display. Thanks to the simple and logical menu navigation, the operator can immediately see the measured values, the evaluation, as well as the status and alarm information on the display. Even in harsh production environments, the measuring technology is protected against dust and water according to IP65 by the solid aluminum housing.

For reflection measurement, the probe head can be integrated into the housing, attached externally to a measuring chamber or on a crossbar above the production line. There is a wide range of probe heads with a 45°/0° or d/8° measuring geometry standardized according to DIN 5033, as well as a d/0 ° probe head with a measuring surface of up to 80 mm. An additional light source is installed for the transmission measurement of translucent products such as foils or plexiglass. An immersion sensor according to protection class IP67 can be connected for the colour control of liquids and powders.

Thanks to its structure as a modular system, the sph ipm is individually configured depending on the product and customer requirements and can be combined with a variety of optional accessories. For example, the system can be equipped with a fully automatic calibration unit.


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