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Quality management made easy – with the right digital solution

Screenshot of the solution for digital quality management from YAVEON
Screenshot of the solution for digital quality management from YAVEON

Computer-Aided Quality (CAQ) makes paper-driven processes a thing of the past. Digital QM solutions not only facilitate your daily work but also save you time and resources. The YAVEON QM modules encourage digital collaboration and specifically respond to quality events.

Among managing documents and changes as well as processing CAPAs, the interaction and communication between the participants play a central role. Specifications can be made available in electronic form at your desk, complaints can be recorded in a complaint and CAPA tool and customer, article and charge information can be exchanged between the QM modules and the ERP system. When handling changes, customers and contact persons can be directly involved.

It is not only possible to process information from different sources - responsibilities and tasks can be managed via workflows and emails while employees, colleagues and customers can also be involved in this process.

The YAVON solutions for digital quality management are currently comprised of the following modules:

- Document Lifecycle Management for computer-assisted document control
- Incident and Deviation Management
- Change Management
- Document Management (with audit-compliant archiving of documents, if needed)

In planning:

- Training Management for an automated training system
- Audit Management

Our highlight: No matter which modules are being used, the system records all steps in just one database, enabling interface-free collaboration and makes processes more efficient.


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