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Breathtaking image quality with new industrial cameras

fltr: SHR series, HR series, FXO series
fltr: SHR series, HR series, FXO series

Machine Vision continues to penetrate into industrial areas where the highest resolutions, the best image quality and high speeds are required. The new cameras from SVS-Vistek therefore concentrate on these three quality features.

10GigE as a cost-effective high-speed interface
10GigE offers 10 times the bandwidth of the conventional GigE interface and can transmit a bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s on a regular Ethernet cable. The new hr342XGE with Sony Pregius sensor can be operated at a resolution of 31 megapixels with a frame rate of 35.4 fps, even with long cables on standard Ethernet network technology.

Sony Pregius Generation 4 sensors with high speed
The new FXO series is available with the fast 10 GigE interface or as a single line CoaXPress version if extremely low latencies are required. Here, too, the latest, most modern image sensors can be read out at the highest data rates. The fxo541 is able to transmit 20.3 megapixels with 35.3 fps based on the latest Sony Pregius Gen 4 sensor. The 2.74 x 2.74 µm pixel impresses with extremely low noise and excellent dynamics. The pixel size guarantees easy connection to inexpensive lenses.

Outstanding image quality
The shr461, one of SVS-Vistek´s top cameras, delivers the best resolution and outstanding image quality. In the top league of machine vision cameras with over 100 megapixels, the shr461 stands out due to its enormous dynamic range of 82 dB. This cost-effective combination of 101 megapixels together with this sensational dynamic range enables new technological approaches in different areas, such as Medicine and Technology.


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