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SmartProcess with new functions for processes and workflows

SmartProcess QMS Software BPMN
SmartProcess QMS Software BPMN

SmartProcess offers integrated functions for processes, documents and workflows. Quality applications such as complaint management and audit are also included in the quality management system software.

The QMS software supports modeling according to the BPMN notation for process management. The new version has been optimized especially for the release of processes and documents with the release workflow. The validity periods for a process and a document are now taken directly from the release workflow.

A new form designer for workflows enables an improved design of input masks. For example, input masks for complaints and audits can be defined more flexibly. In addition to the functions for quality management, the software also contains extensive workflow functions. Forms such as vacation requests and tasks can also be controlled as workflows.

In the QMS software, a graphical overview of the key figures can now be displayed, providing a transparent overview of all key figures.

The software also includes an extension for qualification management. For the qualifications of an employee, processes and documents that are assigned to the employee using process management can be displayed. This ensures that the right qualifications are available for executing the processes.

In addition to operation using the Web browser, SmartProcess can be operated using a mobile Web app on mobile devices. The functionality of the mobile Web app has also been enhanced. Processes and documents can be called up in the mobile Web app, and audits and procedures can be edited on the mobile device.

The personalized display of processes and documents has also been optimized in SmartProcess. This means that users always see the right information for their roles and tasks quickly.


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