11. August 2022

evotron academy in the supporting programme of the Control trade fair

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The “Machine Vision Forum” is back at the Control 2022 trade fair. From May 3 to 6, the Control trade fair in Stuttgart will be offering the latest free knowledge in a compact, practice-oriented format every day between 11 am and 3 pm.

The digitization of manufacturing and assembly plants uses automated visual inspection processes as a standard task. Image processing is thus becoming an existential component of Industry 4.0. because where there is no longer any human visual inspection, image processing takes over this task. This makes it all the more important to make knowledge available to a wide range of people in order to be able to solve future tasks with confidence. The “Machine Vision Forum” offers an ideal opportunity for this.

At the following daily events on machine vision for practitioners, technology knowledge is imparted in a practice-oriented manner:

Event of the evotron academy, 03. – 06 May 2022, Room 8.4 at Hall 8 at the Rothauspark corridor

Introduce machine vision in the company, improve product quality and processes and save costs at the same time

Everything begins with light. Digital light – the basis of more reliable and faster
Image processing

Carry out image processing projects professionally

the experts of the evotronacademy are available to answer questions and personal
Individual meetings available

Registration Image Processing Forum

The event will be conducted in accordance with the Corona protection requirements then currently in effect.

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