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Exhibition hall 7 – Booth 7311

Trade Fair Highlight

Stator Measuring System


This innovative automatic measuring system enables a complete quality control and quality data analysis of electrical stators to ensure dimensional parts accuracy.

Multi-sensor technology:
- Tactile measurement to detect form and position
- Laser triangulation sensors for distance control
- Camera systems for parts detection
- Encoder systems for parts position detection

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Product Innovations

MedTech - Implant Measuring Machine
Hip implant measuring machine

MedTech - Implant Measuring Machine

This innovative measuring device enables a complete quality control and quality data analysis of hip implants to ensure dimensional parts accuracy of both, the inner cone and the outer cone of the hip implant.

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Product overview

Product overview

Linear and angular measurement

  • Multi-position measuring devices
  • Linear and angular measurement, general
  • Thread gauges
  • Barrel gauges, pin gauges, thread-wire gauges
  • Tracers, precision dial gauges
  • Reference and setting gauges
  • Special purpose gauges

Measuring instruments

  • Diameter measuring systems
  • Components for multipoint measuring systems and equipment
  • Multi-position measuring devices
  • Clearance groove measuring devices
  • Distance measurement, non-contact
  • Equipment for data detection and calculation
  • Flatness profilometers
  • Edge distance measuring devices
  • Measuring instruments, general
  • Measuring instruments, electronical
  • Measuring instruments, mechanical
  • Measuring instruments, optical
  • Gauges for testing the accuracy of measuring equipment

Measuring machines

  • Flexible measuring machines
  • Multipoint measuring machines
  • Measuring machines for roundness and linearity measurement
  • Measuring machines for toothed gear wheel measurement
  • Measuring device construction
  • Cam shaft testing instruments
  • Production measuring machines
  • Shaft measuring machines
  • Measuring machines, general
  • Measuring machines, mechanical
  • Measuring machines, optical
  • Calculate systems for coordinate measuring machines
  • Measuring machines, electronical

Special purpose measuring equipment

  • Test installations for motor car accessories
  • Special purpose measuring devices, general
  • Gear testing instruments
  • Integrated measuring equipment
  • Test installations for quality control
  • Test installations for quality assurance
  • Measured data recording of test installations
  • Planning, design and construction of test installations
  • Test benches for manufacturing lines
  • Test benches with automatic operation
  • Test systems with data recording
  • Concentricity gauges
  • Other testing instruments, general
  • Testing systems for component characterisation
  • Testing systems for component development
  • Testing systems for quality assurance
  • Production control devices

QA Microsystem technology

  • Inspection and measuring devices for individual production stages

Software for computer aided quality assurance

  • Software for evaluation and analysis
  • SPC systems
  • Automation of test sequences
  • Software supported data acquisition and control
  • Statistical analysis

Components for measuring and testing equipment

  • Components for measuring and testing equipment, general

Other apparatus, instruments etc.

  • PC measuring technology

Opto-electronic systems and apparatus

  • Flexible opto-electronic testing-feeding-sorting systems

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