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alfavision GmbH & Co. KG

  • Freyunger Str. 4, 94116 Hutthurm, Germany

Exhibition hall 8 – Booth 8211

Trade Fair Highlight

surface control in production
surface inspection system

surface control in production

Alfavision offers an automatic surface inspection system in the production. Parts are controlled from the top and from the bottom in the production line. Microscopic defects like scratches, dents, geometric deviations and damages are detected and classified.
The parts are isolated in a vibratory conveyor and fed to the cameras. The defects are made visible with special optics and multiple illuminations. The parts are sorted into different containers.... read more

Product overview

Product overview

Measuring instruments

  • Measuring instruments, optical
  • Measuring tables
  • Geometric measuring, touchless

Measuring machines

  • Measuring machines, optical
  • Production measuring machines

Systems and apparatus for image processing

  • Image processing systems for quick surface and contour checking
  • Optical control systems
  • Image analysis and image processing systems, general
  • Visual geometry measurement

Special purpose measuring equipment

  • Test installations for quality control


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