7. February 2022

Clever image evaluation for industry

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The young company DENKweit GmbH in Halle (Saale) wants to perfect AI-based image analysis for industry and make it easily accessible. CEO Dr. Dominik Lausch tells us how users can get started with AI-based image analysis and looks forward to the Control trade show in May 2022.

Dr. Lausch, you are a young company from the industrial image processing sector. What exactly is your topic?

Lausch: Our vision is to perfect AI-based image analysis for industry and make it very easily accessible. For this purpose, we have developed a platform, the DENKweit Vision AI Hub, in which all relevant vision AI technologies are summarized and accessible with just a few clicks. This is continuously evolving. As a Fraunhofer spin-off, our focus from the beginning has been on offering technically powerful and leading solutions. For this purpose, we have implemented some in-house developments from which our users benefit.

Which industries and users benefit from your know-how?

Lausch: Basically, we see ourselves as a technology enabler, which means that we provide our partners with a tool that they can use 24/7 to create an image evaluation without having to have their own know-how. Our main customers are automation companies and equipment manufacturers, for whom we provide the puzzle piece of image evaluation. Even students often do that on site. In addition, we also work with drones or road surveys. We even have a customer who photographs and analyzes birds.

How can companies from the industrial manufacturing sector usefully apply your solution?

Lausch: Very simple. Request a log-in, upload images, create solutions and try them out. If you are satisfied, we offer three paths for solution integration: (i) an offline tool, (ii) an API or (iii) a DLL. In addition, individual solutions can always be found.

From 03. until 06 May 2022, the 34th Control, International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, will take place, where the topic of machine vision will play an essential part. How important do you think it is for industry participants to finally meet again in person and live, and to discuss with each other on the concrete object?

Lausch: Personal contact with our partners and customers is very important to me, because I also want to know who I’m working with. After all, we put a lot of heart blood and time. In addition, I find such meetings enormously important to understand what else we are doing wrong or what others are doing better. We are quite new in this field, so we are very dependent on such exchange. That’s why I think it’s enormously important that the fair is real again.

What specifically will you be presenting there?

Lausch: We are currently planning a stand at each of our partners XACTOOLS and MICRO-EPSILON. We will ensure access to our platform here, show one or the other application and perhaps also introduce a few new technologies. But I don’t want to reveal more than that yet.

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