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The Future of QA Lies in Automation
The measuring technology experts at a3Ds in Braunschweig are providers of 3D metrology services, component analysis and specialist personnel for industrial measuring technology. The team is specialised in automated, optical 3D measuring technology, the measurement of components of all ...more

Control International trade fair for quality assurance Fraunhofer IWS
Modularly Optimised Production Processes
The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS presented a system for AI-based optical surface and defects analysis in continuous production processes at Control 2024. This makes production faster, more accurate and more flexible. By combining artificial intelligence and ...more

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Control 2024: Vibrant, World-Class Meeting of the Expert Community
Top quality, strong relevance and high levels of expertise were the hallmarks of the 36th Control, which was held successfully from the 23rd to the 26th of April, 2024. 475 exhibitors came to Stuttgart and presented their top offerings in the fields of measuring, testing and evaluation ...more


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Control 2024 – Trade fair films “Statements & Scenes”
Many thanks to all exhibitors and trade visitors for the successful 36th Control at the high-tech location of Stuttgart, in the heart of Europe!

Meet the new generation of universal testing machines
Meet Barrus Red which is a versatile universal testing machine designed for a wide range of materials testing, including tension, compression, bending, and more. It is tailored for both research and quality control purposes, catering to various industries. The product lineup includes ...more

FEnX-T: Alloy analysis has never been so easy – with dynamic mode for best results
The new, mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer FEnX-T analyses metal alloys more easily than ever before. The user no longer needs any prior analytical knowledge. This is made possible by the unique dynamic mode. It automatically determines the base metal, selects the correct settings, ...more

Industry 4.0 Quality Control Platform
Today’s production processes are ever more time sensitive on delivery, require significant flexibility for last minute changes, and at the same time are seeing ever increasing demands on quality control and process interaction from stake holders that are on site or remote – and all in real ...more

FreeScan Combo
FreeScan Combo adopts metrology-grade accuracy, fine scanning, and high precision from the FreeScan series while providing an even lighter and more compact design. It features 26 + 7 + 1 blue laser lines and an infrared scanning mode. Considering speed, versatility, and accuracy, this ...more

BARRUS Vickers hardness tester
BARRUS Vickers hardness testers offer a versatile range of testing capabilities, from 0,01 to 30 kg loads, including micro Vickers tests with precision down to a few grams. Equipped with a digital microscope and the option for a built-in camera, these machines enable easy data entry and ...more

pintec - modular clamping system – Fix your workpieces in seconds!
FAIR NOVELTY pintec BIG! Now available in 3 sizes. With our modular clamping system pintec you can fix fast and easily difficult shaped workpieces in the metrology room. If you work with a small number of pieces, prototypes or small series, pintec is exactly the right thing. With pintec ...more

Higher resolution TOPOS and ISAV60
The TOPOS Interferometer now have the double number of data points for a higher lateral resolution. A TOPOS 50L2 will be shown on the Control 2024. The measurement software ISAV60 in the current version will be demonstrated with the TOPOS interferometers.

Multi-Measuring System
Diameter Mandrel with 6 probes, separate in two levels,verifying upper and lower diameter, as well the centers of these diameters. In addition this mandrel is also the reference for the gauge heads verifying the distances, based from the center. These measuring heads manufactured with ...more

Now even smaller built-in probes for even more measuring points in even tighter spaces
Our customers' workpieces are getting smaller and smaller, but the measuring tasks remain complex. To address this new situation, we have developed an even smaller version of our well-known IET probe and tested it in the field for almost two years. We are pleased to announce that this ...more

AQIs inspection platform
AQIs (Advanced Quality Inspection system), pronounced [a:kiss], is a modular product for optimizing production and maintenance. AQIs is a database-supported client-server system that can be parameterized for specific products and users. AQIs is used for production tasks in complex ...more

AQIs measuring box - automated brake overhaul
The next innovative step in Industry 4.0. The AQIs measuring box is the perfect parameterizable, decentralized, wireless support for measuring, simulating and setting pressures as part of any brake overhaul for all series. With several AQIs measuring boxes on the train, testing can be ...more

PA SK116 - Automatic suction circuit tester
In conventional solutions, test benches for suction circuit tests and settings are operated manually and the measurement results are documented manually. This process is time-consuming and requires a great deal of background knowledge, detailed work descriptions and employee experience. In ...more

AQIs Webtools
AQIs Checklist AQIs Checklist present detailed quality inspections, documentation tasks and work instructions in the production and maintenance of multi-variant, complex products in a clear and intuitive way. Information can be recorded quickly and processed, checked and evaluated even ...more

The innovative sensor system for detecting the gloss properties of surfaces in mechanical and plant engineering. Our sensor forms the basis for new process control in a wide variety of production systems, e.g. in film production or in painting and printing systems. Areas of application ...more

BARRUS 3D ROBOTIC Vickers Hardness Testing System
Our intelligent hardness testing systems help you to do your high-demand hardness testing applications fast, reliably and accurately. SOME HARDNESS TESTING APPLICATIONS REQUIRE MANY INDENTATIONS, SUCH AS: CHD - CASE HARDNESS DEPTH to EN ISO 2639 NHD - NITRIDING HARDNESS DEPTH to ...more

Join Barrus as a distributor partner in making precision material testing accessible
Why become a Barrus partner? Our partners enjoy competitive pricing with unbeatable list prices that outshine competitors, alongside a reseller discount. Barrus machines are crafted for durability, meeting all user needs with superior quality. We also offer custom solutions with tailored ...more

37th Control Trade Fair 06 to 09 May 2025

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