8. December 2023

Control 2024 will be a Unique Marketplace for Innovation

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The next Control international trade fair for quality assurance will take place in roughly four months: the most up-to-date technologies from the fields of vision technology, image processing, sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, will be presented in Stuttgart for the 36th time from the 23rd through the 26th of April, 2024. Further developments and forward-looking concepts are focused on automation and digitalisation.

Control 2024 is building on the success of Control 2023, which served as a highly inspiring platform. “What a great week at this year’s Control!” This was the verdict in May 2023. In this spirit, we’re now approaching the 2024 industry highlight in leaps and bounds. “We’re currently able to confirm very strong booking levels with 43% of the exhibitors coming from outside of Germany,” announces Fabian Krüger, Control project manager at P. E. Schall trade fair promoters. “We’re once again expecting impressive, trailblazing solutions for quality assurance (QA) and an expanded range of topics,” says the project manager. The reason: QA has become increasingly important in many industries and sectors. “QA solutions are used in industrial production, in all operational processes, in non-industrial fields of application, in medical technology as well as in defence applications,” explains Krüger. “Measurement, testing, inspection, evaluation, documentation – end-to-end solutions for these functions are required everywhere because more and more data is being captured, analysed, linked and fed back to the respective systems in order to achieve transparency and consistency. This is why software and intelligent evaluation algorithms are playing an increasingly important role,” explains the project manager.

Control is an Indispensable Industry Event for Many Companies

“Control has been a firm date in our trade fair calendar for many years,” confirms Karl Jürgen Lenz, managing director of OGP Messetechnik, global market leader in the field of optical multi-sensor measuring technology. “Control makes it possible for us to engage in numerous discussions with existing customers within a short period of time – and with a reasonable amount of effort – and to establish new contacts for state-of-the-art solutions in optical metrology.” And thus Control is an indispensable industry event for many companies “Control provides us with the opportunity of efficiently presenting our products and software solutions to a wide-ranging audience. In addition to our German contacts, increasing internationalisation is also apparent, which means that we’ve also been able to personally contact customers from other European countries at the event to date,” adds Karl Jürgen Lenz.
Indeed, Control brings QA experts from all over the world together on an equal footing and is regarded worldwide as a unique meeting place for QA professionals. An intensive exchange of expertise takes place at the event, which is highly valued by exhibitors and expert visitors alike. Solution suppliers come together directly with quality managers, engineers and production experts involved in routine daily operations. Control is one of the most interesting and important trade fairs of all, because it showcases various types of measuring technology and is relevant for all industries.

Traditional Fraunhofer Special Show and Startups

As part of Control 2024, the Fraunhofer Vision Business Unit will organise its special show on “Contactless Measuring Technology” for the 18th time. The show will feature a cross-section of innovative technologies, applications and system components from the field of contactless measuring and test technology on roughly 300 square metres of exhibition floor space. Users are provided with an orientation aid for the selection of a suitable technology for mastering their own testing tasks. An exciting startup area will be included once again as well in order to enhance the fields of measuring technology and quality assurance with new ideas and perspectives from young companies. It’s clear that the world of QA is driven by automation, digitalisation, networking and inline inspection. Digital mapping of processes, infrastructure and components in real time is becoming more and more important, because virtual worlds serve as the basis for forecasting and optimisation. Digitalised processes make it possible for manufacturing companies to identify quality problems and their causes more quickly.

Control’s Topics are Relevant for All Industries

“Quality inspection and quality assurance are highly interesting topics that affect all industries,” notes Bettina Schall, managing director of trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “The event demonstrates just how rapidly technology is developing. Control’s user-oriented trade fair format, which features the presentation of top technologies, outstanding expertise, direct practical relevance and high levels of internationalism, offers ideal conditions for the successful and useful implementation of efficient QA measures in production,” emphasises Bettina Schall. “Efficient production and remaining competitive are the key! And in this spirit, we’re looking forward to an exciting and vibrant Control 2024!”

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