10. April 2024

Control brings invaluable connections to important customers

Control International trade fair for quality assurance Bild Markus Fabich Evident uai

Markus Fabich, Strategic Marketing Manager IE EMEA, Industry Product Marketing at EVIDENT

Control is a lively hub that regularly brings together experts from various fields to exchange ideas about QA-related technologies, products and holistic solutions from around the world. We find out this in an exclusive interview with Markus Fabich, Strategic Marketing Manager IE EMEA, Industry Product Marketing.

Schall: Mr. Fabich, how important is Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance, for your company?
Fabich: Control represents a key exhibition for Evident, fostering invaluable connections with key clients and enabling us to empower them toward greater yield, reduced failure rates, enhanced comprehension of quality assurance needs, and better control over their processes.

Schall: What do you particularly appreciate about Control?
Fabich: Evident, formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation that was spun off as an independent company in 2023, has been a dedicated participant at Control for three decades. With each visit, it’s clear that there is an enduring mutual respect between exhibitors and visitors that underscores a collective mission: advancing toward higher quality standards.
Furthermore, the annual conference consistently enhances its offerings. From a more accessible venue to thought-provoking technical lectures, the Control trade fair is committed to continuous enhancement. Serving as a vibrant hub, this event consistently brings together experts from diverse fields and innovative providers who showcase a comprehensive spectrum of QA-related technologies, products, and holistic solutions from around the world.

Schall: What are the current technology trends in quality assurance?
Fabich: It’s undeniable that the industry is undergoing significant changes. Previously, operators were tasked with adapting to processes and systems, prioritizing efficiency, productivity, and cost savings as key drivers. However, the emergence of digital technologies, especially AI tools, has ushered in a level of automation that already assures these performance measures. Yet, it’s crucial to note that human judgment remains the ultimate authority. This is where the most ambitious learning curves in quality assurance are taking shape—the integration of human expertise with advancing technology.
This aligns with a well-recognized truth: the diversity of processes. Acknowledging the numerous driving forces in the QA journey, Evident remains prepared to support existing solutions while proactively leading the development of new, customized tools in 2024. These tools aim to assist the smart and skilled operators of the future, providing relief from physical and mental stress while enhancing efficiency and data-driven processes.

Schall: Which current QA highlight from your company would you like to mention?
Fabich: We’ve shifted our approach to software significantly. Our PRECiV™ software is more than an imaging and measurement platform; it’s solidifying our beliefs about the ideal QC/QA workflows. This encompasses not only comprehensive AI integration into all specific solutions but also rigorously tested compliance with modern IT security policies. It’s an evolution that reflects our commitment to pioneering a QC/QA landscape aligned with advanced technology and contemporary security standards.
Our booth at Control will showcase an extensive range of offerings, from precision thickness gauges to contamination monitoring solutions. Even after visiting our booth, there’s still plenty more to explore on our website our website.

Schall: To what extent do modern QA measures contribute to overcoming the production challenges of efficiency, resource protection, and sustainability?
Fabich: QA measures often remain underrated, despite their significant impact on efficiency, resource protection, and sustainability. Integral to any organization, quality assurance permeates through planning, design, production/service delivery, and after-sales service. A high-quality product not only conserves resources and lasts longer but also enhances speed of delivery, improves overall safety, and tightens control over processes.
Modern QA measures naturally overcome these production challenges by optimizing and streamlining operations while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Ultimately, they form the cornerstone for organizations to adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, paving the way for a more sustainable and successful future.

Schall: Mr. Fabich, thank you very much for all information. We wish you a successful Control 2024!