18. March 2021

Control-Virtuell 2021: Trade fair around the clock

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Control-Virtuell, showroom of the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, has established itself as a digital marketplace. With this online platform, the organizer of Control, P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, offers exhibitors and trade seekers an excellent opportunity to communicate current topics relating to vision technology, image processing, sensor technology and measuring and testing technology in a professionally appropriate manner thanks to integrated tools for direct exchange.

Although the 34th Control – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance – was not held as a presence event from 04. 07 May 2021, exhibitors, trade visitors and interested parties will remain in close exchange and continuous connection on the subject of industrial quality assurance (QA) via digital showrooms. New products and solutions from the fields of measuring and testing technology as well as vision technology, image processing, sensor technology and services are available worldwide in a structured manner 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With the thematically focused search engine, the desired information can be selected via the trade fair nomenclature.

Direct linking to live events of the exhibitors

Two effective tools for networking QS exhibitors with the international trade audience make the platform a marketplace that all participants can use around the clock throughout the year. The webcast function of Control-Virtuell works in a topic-specific and visitor-friendly way: exhibitors enter the dates of their live presentations directly; for the webcast itself and in the event of a missed date, they are available to the trade as a link and/or as a PDF file for download. Exhibitors can link their scheduled live events to reference live presentations on other platforms. The problem-solving tool also proves to be user-friendly and purposeful: As soon as a search has been started via the product groups, the button “Request individual problem solution” appears below the hit list; here the user can enter a title and a short description – this initiates the immediate business contact and direct exchange between interested party and supplier.

Virtual technology meeting place for Control visitors

Exhibitors welcome the Control-Virtuell online platform as an important and useful tool, because it allows them to reach their target group and maintain technical communication in the “community”. “Control-Virtuell is not a substitute for a trade fair, but it has established itself excellently with our exhibitors. Especially now, when the QA industry has to do without the world’s leading trade fair Control as a presence event for the second time in a row, the virtual trade fair is an effective and uncomplicated way for exhibitors and trade visitors to interact directly. The latest QA solutions are clearly presented in the showrooms. With the matching tool ‘Request individual problem solution’, the participants can directly deepen new solution approaches,” explains Control project manager Fabian Krüger.

Qualitiy assurance next level – Industrial QA up to date

As the most important international trade event for all aspects of measuring and testing technology as well as vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, Control is an indispensable trade fair for many companies from all sectors because users can find everything they need for industrial QA here. The trade fair is regarded as a driver of technical and economically target-oriented developments in industrial metrology, materials testing, analytical equipment and optoelectronics as well as complete intelligent QA systems including comprehensive services. In manufacturing, it is more important than ever to ensure the quality and reliability of products and production processes. Thanks to Control-Virtual, interested parties can network, inform and inspire themselves to identify efficient ways to address the current QA challenges of industrial manufacturing.