4. April 2024

Meet new customers at Control 2024

Control International trade fair for quality assurance control statement uai

Sam Golan, President and CEO of High QA

High QA is a provider of integrated quality software for manufacturing. The aim is to integrate manufacturing quality processes and optimize collaboration along the entire supply chain. Sam Golan, President and CEO of High QA, is looking forward to Control and reveals which solutions he will be bringing to the trade fair this year.

As Europe’s premier trade show dedicated to manufacturing quality, Control 2024 provides an essential event for High QA to connect with industry professionals. Recent automotive recalls and aerospace concerns have led to increased scrutiny on manufacturing quality, causing companies to re-evaluate their manufacturing quality processes.

Quality is no longer just an afterthought at the end of production; it’s now being implemented and tightly integrated throughout the entire manufacturing process.

High QA presents two innovative solutions: HQA 360 and HQA Hub. HQA 360 streamlines manufacturing quality management by offering comprehensive tools for various tasks such as digitizing 2D-ballooning automatic GD&T extraction, 3D/MBD PMI extraction, integrated Gage management and SPC, advanced Reporting, FAI and PPAP. This single-solution, database-driven approach reduces costs, enhances delivery times, ensures consistent part quality, and ultimately bolsters customer confidence.

HQA Hub leverages HQA 360’s capabilities to extend manufacturing quality management across the supply chain. It creates a new level of collaboration, digital data exchange and visibility with suppliers. This allows them to contribute their specific knowledge to the manufacturing process, enabling buyers and suppliers to work together to deliver the most consistent, high-quality finished products. This integration breaks down physical barriers, providing the same level of oversight as if suppliers were on-site, resulting in consistently high-quality finished products.

At Control 2024, High QA, Inc. aims to engage both new and existing customers by showcasing its innovative and proven software solutions in manufacturing quality management.