22. January 2024

Metrologic’s exclusive statement on Control

Control International trade fair for quality assurance metrologic uai

Emma HARS, Marketing and Communication Manager

„For us, Control is the most important event of the year”

Concerning quality assurance, technology trends and challenges clearly revolve around automation, AI and data management. This is what Emma Hars, Marketing and Communication Manager at the Metrologic Group, tells us in an exclusive interview. Automation helps to obtain faster feedback, shorten test cycles and improve the entire measurement process. Emma Hars emphasizes that modern quality assurance measures play an important role in overcoming production challenges in terms of efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability.

What do you particularly appreciate about Control?

For us, Control show is the most important event of the year as it is the opportunity to meet our customers, our future customers, and our partners. We can stay tuned to market developments to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers, and understand how to drive productivity with a 3D inspection software in a changing environment. It is also the opportunity to come alongside and consolidate synergies with our sister companies within the Sandvik group with whom we are building the global connected measurement solutions of tomorrow.

What are the current technology trends in quality assurance?

Regarding quality assurance, the current technology trends and challenges definitely turn around automation, AI and data management. We can also consider the idea of « Flexible Manufacturing Systems » observing the transformation of factories which requires agility and performance to meet the criteria of industry 4.0. Automation helps in achieving faster feedback, reducing testing cycles, and improving overall measurement process. Regarding QA, AI could be used for tasks such as test case generation, defect prediction. We can also think of algorithms that adjust manufacturing processes to ensure consistent, efficient and reproducible production, with zero failure rates, intelligent programming, automated software solutions.
Data management is becoming more sophisticated with the need to handle large and complex datasets. Data automation tools help in creating, managing, and refreshing data efficiently. Finally, it also seems important to address the notion of traceability which guarantees efficiency and profitability of data driven production processes. In this context, one of the main challenges for Metrologic Group is to propose digital quality workflow through connected solutions to improve manufacturing processes and allow manufacturers to monitor, analyze and pilot the data… to make it speak to be more efficient! We innovate to offer smarter, more flexible, faster metrology systems at the heart of manufacturing systems, quality control integrated from the start of the production chain. Eliminating silos and inefficient workflows, promotes collaboration between teams, ensuring consistency of measurement results.

Which current QA highlight from your company would you like to mention?

FIRST : Support the evolution of industrial processes. This year’s booth will allow visitors to be immersed in the collaborated and digital End-to-End ecosystem and its modular structure through 4 open distinct steps: preparation, programming, execution, and analysis of results. We innovate towards modern and efficient inspection tools that are integrated into the measurement cycle in order to meet evolving industrial demands.
SECOND : Propose a data based approach. The connected approach will change the face of industry by reducing the total cost of ownership for industrial manufacturers by eliminating metrology silos, facilitating greater collaboration between teams and plants, and ensuring consistency of measurement results. Perfectly integrated into the digital quality workflow, the End-to-End process improves all stages of manufacturing processes thanks to its transversal tools, ability to optimize the 3D measurement process and finally “making sense of data”.
THIRD : Propose a universal and evolutive solution compatible with all means. We have now achieved our goal to avoid multiplying software solutions on measuring devices. Today, we invest massively in research and development in order to offer our customers digital, ergonomic solutions by moving towards the development of cloud solutions. Indeed, the web approach makes it possible to work in a multi-user, multi-media context, but also to centralize data in a single place to facilitate data analysis and automation. We are convinced that this type of development has enormous added value for our customers.

To what extent do modern QA measures contribute to overcoming the production challenges of efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability?

Modern quality assurance measures play a significant role in overcoming production challenges related to efficiency, resource conservation, and sustainability. These QA measures contribute in various ways to improve processes, reduce waste, enhance resource utilization, and promote environmentally sustainable practices. For instance, by identifying and rectifying inefficiencies, organizations can streamline operations and reduce resource consumption. We are committed to minimize waste, defects, and errors in the production process. At Metrologic, we propose CMM retrofit to restore the full performance of an aging equipment. Retrofitting is a contribution to sustainability by recycling existing equipment and avoiding the purchase of a new one. It makes it possible to restore all its electronic and IT performance to a machine which is no longer at the level required by the market. The retrofit operation therefore has technical, financial, and ecological interest.