11. April 2024

QA Industry Highlight Ready to Go!

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The traditional meet for QA experts is being eagerly awaited: the 36th Control will take place in just a few days. Suppliers and users of solutions for the quality of products, processes and services will meet at the international trade fair for quality assurance in Stuttgart from the 23rd through the 26th of April, 2024. For 4 days, it offers a suitable platform for establishing and strengthening key customer relationships. Further developments and innovations presented at Control will demonstrate how higher yields, lowest possible failure rates and more effective control over processes can be achieved.

“We’re ready to go,” announces Control project manager Fabian Krüger from trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “Expert visitors will experience a broad range of topics covering the fields of machine vision, image processing, sensor technology, measuring and test technology, as well as associated software, in fully occupied halls 8 and 10. Various types of measuring technology – with relevance across all sectors – will be portrayed and showcased. Expert visitors can look forward to top technologies and high levels of internationalism,” promises the project manager.
“Control is an important trade fair for Evident, which fosters invaluable ties to key customers and enables us to empower them for the achievement of higher yields, lower failure rates, a better understanding of quality assurance requirements and greater control over their processes,” confirms Markus Fabich, strategic marketing manager for industry product marketing IE EMEA at Evident Europe. The company will bring precision thickness gauges, contamination monitoring solutions and software to Stuttgart. Control is a “vibrant hub” that brings together experts from various fields and innovative suppliers on a regular basis, who present a comprehensive range of QA-related technologies, products and holistic solutions from all over the world. Taking advantage of this is absolutely essential, says Fabich.

QA as an Integral Part of All Processes – Across All Sectors

Markus Fabich also points out the importance of sustainability: “Despite their considerable impact on efficiency, the conservation of resources and sustainability, quality assurance measures are often underestimated. Quality assurance is an integral part of every organisation and encompasses planning, design, production, the rendering of services and customer support. High-quality products not only conserve resources and last longer, they also reduce lead times, improve overall safety and enhance process control,” emphasises Fabich. “Modern QA measures overcome these production challenges organically by optimising and streamlining processes, while at the same time promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Ultimately, they lay the foundation for companies to adapt, innovate and succeed in an ever-evolving landscape, paving the way for a more sustainable and successful future.”

Expert Visitor Benefits: Efficient Trade Fair Visit and Relevant Topics

“Quality is no longer just an afterthought at the end of production,” explains Sam Golan, president and CEO of High QA. “It’s implemented and closely integrated throughout the entire manufacturing process.” QA managers from all company divisions will get answers to their questions at Control – in industrial as well as non-industrial sectors. “Measurement, testing, inspection, evaluation, documentation and traceability of a wide range of parameters are becoming increasingly important in all applications. Further developments in the fields of data analysis and data management have led to additional technological advances, which can be witnessed at Control. The strengths of this globally acclaimed trade fair include its presentation of solutions across all industry sectors, its outstanding technical standards, high levels of internationalism and a pleasant, practice-oriented working atmosphere.

Special Show, Thematic Forums and Startup Area

Advancing automation, digitalisation and networking are the main headlines for all topics. In concrete terms, the highlights include inline inspection, state-of-the-art vision systems, advanced analysis – also based on AI – advanced software and process improvements by means of simulation. Simple operation of machines and testing tools is also a current topic because the shortage of qualified personnel needs to be compensated for in the field of quality assurance as well. Once again in 2024, Fraunhofer’s Vision business unit will organise a special show for “contactless measuring technology”, which will present a representative cross-section of new technologies, applications and system components for contactless measuring and test technology. Topics covering all aspects of measuring technology and quality assurance will be explored in the startup area with new ideas and perspectives from young companies.
“QA measures are essential for all companies and will determine their future, and the sector is thus well positioned,” assures Bettina Schall, managing director of trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “We cordially invite all users and interested expert visitors to examine the innovations offered by this growth sector and to take as many benefits as possible with them for their routine daily tasks. The industry is looking forward to an interesting and lively exchange, and to getting together once again at Control 2024.”

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