22. September 2023

QA Industry Looking Forward to Control 2024

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The most up-to-date technologies from the fields of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, will once again be showcased at the 36th Control international trade fair for quality assurance from the 23rd to the 26th of April, 2024. International exhibitors will also present further developments of their forward-looking concepts in Stuttgart next year.

Control is an internationally unique meeting place for QA professionals. It’s definitely one of the industry’s most interesting and important events. The trade fair highlight is entirely unique throughout the global market because it features different types of metrology and presents them in a relevant manner for all industries. Control is highly esteemed because it brings experts from all over the world together on an equal footing on matters of quality assurance. Exhibitors and suppliers are looking forward to a professional exchange of ideas with quality managers, engineers and manufacturing experts.

Increased Demand, New Applications

The QA industry is booming and is constantly penetrating new applications. The fields of quality testing and quality assurance are expanding all the time because zero-defects production, automation and digitalisation are driving QA. Automation and digitalisation of QA measures themselves are also propelling technological development. The integration of AI-supported inspection processes has long since become a routine procedure. Digital mapping of processes, infrastructure and components in real time is becoming more and more important, because virtual worlds serve as the basis for forecasting and optimisation. Digitalised processes make it possible to identify quality problems and their causes more quickly.
Quality inspection and quality assurance have taken on unprecedented importance. In-process testing of the properties and the condition of workpieces and products is essential for manufacturing quality. Efficiency, conservation of resources and sustainability can only be implemented by means of modern measuring and test methods. Control brings suppliers and users together on an equal footing. Fundamental, practice-oriented groundwork is laid in intensive technical discussions in order to achieve transparency, rapidity and cost-effectiveness with the help of outstanding QA measures in production. Competitiveness strength is at stake!
Control 2024 is building on the success of Control 2023, which sparked sheer inspiration. The tremendous feedback received from expert visitors confirmed the user-oriented exchange of ideas with the exhibitors – in very high spirits. “What a great week at this year’s Control!” This was the verdict of exhibitors and expert visitors across the board in May 2023. Impressive, pioneering solutions for quality assurance will once again be experienced in the exhibition halls at Control 2024. All involved parties will take advantage of the trade fair as an ideal opportunity for exchanging information about the latest developments in industrial and non-industrial quality assurance and quality testing on a technically advanced level – in a practical, user-oriented manner and in a pleasant working atmosphere.

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