10. November 2022

The 35th Control is Gearing Up

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Preparation for the next Control international trade fair for quality assurance is now running full bore. The industry highlight in Stuttgart will present forward-looking developments in the fields of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, from the 9th through the 12th of May, 2023. The successful re-launch experienced at Control 2022 has once again verified the high levels of esteem attached to this international industry event and its status as a leading trade fair.

Frickenhausen, 11 November 2022 – “Throughout the entire quality assurance sector, Control is known as an absolutely essential, leading trade fair, and for many companies it’s one of the most interesting and important events of all,” observes Fabian Krüger, Control project manager. “Quality assurance in its various aspects is a crucial and indispensable factor in industrial production, and further developments are thus eagerly awaited.” Testing the properties and consistency of workpieces and products is just as essential as process control where manufacturing quality is concerned. All manufacturing companies, regardless of size, implement measures for the inspection of shape and dimensions, for object recognition and position detection, for presence and completeness checks, for internal and external component testing, and for surface inspection. Inline inspection processes, supported by artificial intelligence technologies (AI), have long since taken their place in everyday modern production. The fact that it’s even possible for small companies to get started with AI support was impressively demonstrated at Control 2022. And the barriers to entry will continue to decline. Due to rapid technological and process advancements, the next Control is once again being eagerly awaited and will be held in May 2023.

Quality Assurance is a Growth Industry

Quality control and quality assurance have taken on unprecedented importance due to growing levels of automation and digitalisation, contactless procedures and remote services, small batch sizes, zero-defects manufacturing and comprehensive data analysis. Control provides expert visitors with everything they need to achieve outstanding QA in manufacturing and to compete successfully in the marketplace. It’s essential for all industry players to be effective, fast and economical, and to make efficient use of resources – modern QA measures are fundamental prerequisites for mastering today’s growing challenges. As a result, the industry is working intensively on further developments covering all aspects of measuring and test technology, materials testing, analysis equipment, vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as weighing and counting technology and AI-supported software tools. And automation of industrial quality assurance itself offers numerous advantages such as transparency, consistency, cost efficiency and centralised documentation.

The QA Sector is in the Fast Lane

The wide-ranging issues of quality assurance continue to develop rapidly. For example, due to the fact that test and inspection processes are becoming increasingly integrated into manufacturing operations rather than being carried out in dedicated facilities, test procedures have to be adapted to harsh production environments involving exposure to dust, vibration and time constraints. This results in numerous challenges for measuring machines and test equipment. The industry is working intensively on this issue. QA in non-industrial areas is also gaining in importance and is making use of image processing, sensor technology and the associated software. More and more potential uses and applications are being penetrated. Control is traditionally the most appropriate communication and business platform for all of these innovations and, at the international level, the most interesting and probably the largest trade fair for this range of issues.

Control – the Platform for Sustainable Quality Assurance

“In May 2023, the 35th Control will once again bring the international QA industry together in person as a trade fair highlight,” notes trade fair promoter Bettina Schall, managing director of P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG. “The industry is facing enormous tasks. Conservation of resources and sustainability are urgent, concrete fields of action that affect everyone. This is why companies require pragmatic, solutions-oriented live trade fairs in order to exchange ideas and experience personally and face to face. Control ensures direct practical relevance and is thus the right platform for offering users and other interested parties cutting-edge, future-proof solutions in the field of quality assurance, so that they can hold their own in international competition with outstanding manufacturing QA”.

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