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  • Measuring instruments
    • Geometric measuring instruments (roundness and linearity)
    • Geometric measuring, touchless
    • Altimeters
    • Coordinate measuring and multi coordinate measuring devices
    • Measuring instruments, general
    • Measuring instruments, optical
    • Measuring microscopes
    • Surface inspection instruments
    • Roughness profilometer
  • Measuring machines
    • Three-dimensional measuring machines
    • Flexible measuring machines
    • Coordinate and multiple coordinate inspection machines
    • Measuring machines, general
    • Measuring machines for micromeasurements
    • Measuring machines for toothed gear wheel measurement
    • Measuring machines, optical
    • Measuring robots
    • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
    • Measuring machines, mobile
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • Gear testing instruments
  • Material testing apparatus
    • Form testing devices
    • Particle size analysers
    • Surface inspection devices
  • Resistance testing
    • Testing instruments for corrosion
  • QA Microsystem technology
    • Process monitoring for small and micro parts production
  • Organisations / publishers / services
    • Non-destructive testing
New software module for automatic wear measurement
The new, optional software for wear measurement enables the visualization and quantitative assessment of wear on the basis of high-resolution real 3D measurement data. The software was developed in cooperation with Sandvik Coromant. Users automatically measure difference and wear ...more

Cobots - How to combine optical 3D metrology and collaborative robotics
Cobots consist of a collaborative 6-axis robot and an optical 3D measuring sensor, providing repeatable and traceable measurements in high resolution also in production. All Bruker Alicona Cobots are equipped with our IF-Sensor R25, while its mechanical base can be customized depending on ...more

Optical measuring system with new software for automatic segmentation and classification
InfiniteFocusSL is a cost efficient optical 3D measurement system for easy, fast and traceable measurement of form and finish on micro structured surfaces. Users measure both form and roughness of components with only one system. In addition, color images with high contrast and depth of ...more

Optical µCMM micro coordinate measuring system for automatic measurement and evaluation of 3D data
It is all about “What do I measure?” instead of “How do I measure?” The new µCMM operating software MetMaX is based on this core question. The operation of the micro coordinate measuring machine is designed in a way that operators do not need to have any special metrology or user knowledge ...more

Optical form- and roughness measurement system enables measurement of flanks with more than 90°
InfiniteFocus is a highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurement system. With only one sensor, users verify dimensional accuracy and measure surface roughness of their components. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation the range of measurable surfaces is almost unlimited. ...more